Event Nine Entertainment

"We are never tired of our DELIVERABLES always more than we PROMISE"

"We deliver like today is the
ONLY day"

"Our TEAM is a fantastic bunch of high-energy kids"

"You are dealing with a CLASS
of your own"

"Quality of deliverables is purely a HABIT with us"

"We never doubt anything - we just keep the FAITH FOOT forward"

"We never debate with our Clients and their NEEDS"

"We are never tired of doing
the same thing always

"There is only one thing between us and a Satisfiable event

"Our honesty is our only
Savior - ALWAYS"

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

About us

A Simple Event Management Firm behind simple solutions for any event

A decade of excellence in the art of Conceptualization, Planning, Budgeting & Execution of the highest order respected in the industry - has been our strength across all our events

QUALITY – 100%, in terms of all deliverables being the ONLY mantra for us

People Behind E9:

The people behind Event Nine are simple souls, always stirring the hornet for something creative and energetic to take on the stress of this World into a beam of newness. They are extremely well informed about the art of Event Management and also about the Entertainment world itself. Simple solutions to simple evenings, has been the buzzword at Event Nine and it had been a pleasure seeking all that joy off the cuff of our clients

We've taken on the World of Event Management in the Twin Cities of Andhra Pradesh with a storm a few summers back and today though, we are only into our 9th year of operations, we can boast of a clientele structure which will dilute anyone's claim of a good business track record

Someshwer & Rajeswari have been the brain behind Event Nine – the former being a hotelier, retail specialist, trainer and also a stage anchor for over 2 decades & a 1000 + events on various platforms across India and the latter - an Engineer, trainer, software faculty and also someone who carries the strength of the entire process of putting forth an event into its fullest form right from the concept to the execution