Event Nine Entertainment

"We are never tired of our DELIVERABLES always more than we PROMISE"

"We deliver like today is the
ONLY day"

"Our TEAM is a fantastic bunch of high-energy kids"

"You are dealing with a CLASS
of your own"

"Quality of deliverables is purely a HABIT with us"

"We never doubt anything - we just keep the FAITH FOOT forward"

"We never debate with our Clients and their NEEDS"

"We are never tired of doing
the same thing always

"There is only one thing between us and a Satisfiable event

"Our honesty is our only
Savior - ALWAYS"

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Photo Gallery


  • Events Showcase
  • Game Shows & Team-building Activities
  • Corporate
  • Symposium
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The Line of Fire for any Business lies in the ONUS taken by the people who manage the firm with impeccable confidence about the activities which make or break an Event. Our Posse of Events has been the toast of the town since their inception. They have taken the World of Corporate by Storm leaving everyone involved with a heave of relief, making them come back to us all over, time and again. This is what we take into the future with a fist of stiff belief, that, once a customer need not necessarily be a customer forever - so they need to be kept on the edge of excitement always, so, every event is a LEARNING for all of us at Event Nine
One thing about US which does not tire us is our Uniqueness in the Game Shows which we handle for many a corporate. These have many facets to it.

• The ones which just stir the muscles only for one to enjoy a game.
• Then we have the Games, which stir the mind and take it to a completely different altar.
• And then, those Team-Building Games which provide an in depth provocation letting to lose oneself
   wandering them onto madness never experienced before.
• Then our Out-Bound Training(OBTs) which just lets the intelligent flow and brush like the wild forest fire
   never to be dowsed by anything less than the cruel wisdom itself.
• Plus those Games which steal away from you, the real YOU and make you into a puppet in your
   own hands. Fun ALL THE WAY.

……YES…..we have it all…..right here…right NOW
Corporate is the buzzword when it comes to handling an event for. Their Anniversaries, the day-long symposiums, the Conferences, the Family Annual Days and then their Tours all over the place puts us on our toes and takes us to the wildest imaginations in designing one for them. Well, we have a design and a package for everyone – all one needs to do is ASK for one
Now, a symposium is something which needs to be looked very carefully at while planning for a fine execution, be it the quality of sound, the clarity of the microphones, or even the images on the backdrop – everything should be impeccable and in its place. Well, that is how Rewards & Recognition Ceremonies are handled and coming to Product Launches of any fabric, we make it happen with even the Media on your next seat, simply speaking