Event Nine Entertainment

"We are never tired of our DELIVERABLES always more than we PROMISE"

"We deliver like today is the
ONLY day"

"Our TEAM is a fantastic bunch of high-energy kids"

"You are dealing with a CLASS
of your own"

"Quality of deliverables is purely a HABIT with us"

"We never doubt anything - we just keep the FAITH FOOT forward"

"We never debate with our Clients and their NEEDS"

"We are never tired of doing
the same thing always

"There is only one thing between us and a Satisfiable event

"Our honesty is our only
Savior - ALWAYS"

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Photo Gallery

Events Platter

Every company will have to have a proper platter of its own services to be the crux in terms of leading a company into the future. This, ahead, becomes a sure path to ones success. Event nine has defined its own platter of services which are handled with lot of grit and confidence sending across a strong signal to all – that, we sure have a sense of knowing what we do, all the time


1. Deliverables to the HILT of the promises made - 100%, always......
2. Never back-off from any crisis situation
3. Client is GOD, so keep him in the loop for all decisions
4. Teamwork is the only thing which pays off handsomely, so stick to it
5. Our VENDORS are our family, so treat them with equality
6. FOCUS on that work at that point of time is the name of the game, so never lose it

  • Exclusive Events
  • Exclusive Services Kitty
• Conceptualized New Year Bashes
• Personalized Tours n Travels
• Adventure Sports & Travel
• Theme Parties
• High-end Team building Activities
• Artist Management
• Press Meets & P R exercises
• Symposiums
• Souvenirs, Gift & Memorabilia Selection
• Hotel Selection Coordination & Contract Negotiation
• On-site Hospitality Coordination
• Celebrity Guest or Motivational Speaker Selection
• Entertainment, Décor & A/V Arrangements
• Venue Selection
• Complete On-site Management
• Prominent Company Branding throughout Event
• Food & Beverage Planning
• Ground and Air Transportation Arrangements
• Day Tour Coordination